JiG: Episode 1

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Game Feature: Cuckoo 64

Cuckoo 64 is a game developed by The Big Yellow Skip back in 2020. Cuckoo is a classic arcade game that combines super-satisfying gameplay with nostalgic retro graphics and sounds. This game takes away the burden of modern game complexity and reminds us of a time when simple puzzle-solving games were all the rage.

In true homage to the 8-bit games that serve as its inspiration, Proto Cuckoo 64 keeps it simple and that is its best feature. There are no complex narratives, no lengthy cut-scenes, no pesky in-game purchases, and absolutely no time-wasting - it's all about the fun and using your wits.

What awaits you is a straightforward arcade adventure governed by a clear set of rules: navigate through each green tile, rescue the eggs, and achieve it all within the given time limit.

We have been playing this game for hours over the past week and enthusiastically think it's a great one. Another good thing about it is the price which is  £1.99. It's available on Itch.io and Steam.

Free Game For JiG Premium Subscribers

This week, we were able to partner with Game Developers Bigosaur on their newest game Block Buster Billy.  Block Buster Billy is a captivating puzzle game that challenges your wits by requiring you to manipulate blocks containing digits and fundamental mathematical operations to create numbers and equations. Upon successfully crafting an equation, it transforms into a substantial block that you can strategically reposition to unveil the hidden treasure within the chest.

The fusion of these straightforward rules with strategically positioned blocks results in a collection of intricate and demanding puzzles that will truly test your problem-solving skills. This game is $9.99 on Steam, but is available for free to premium JiG subscribers only. See below: