JiG is here

Early this summer, we put out a post on JayisGames.com proposing a new platform.  We stated:

"We have been thinking hard about JayisGames.com ever since we took over ownership.  The truth is that JiG is an extremely large site, bloated with content and old technology that has gone through so many iterations/owners it's hard to keep track of it all."

This, of course, has not changed. At that time we were also proposing a monthly membership site at $9/month. That proposal had mixed reviews, but the main pushback was on the price.  We also found the concept of building a huge community website rather daunting, and we did not feel comfortable with the responses we received.

So we think we came up with a solid middle ground, and set the price at $3/month for full access to our twice-per-month mailing.

There is a free version as well, but most of our effort will be going to our new premium newsletter: JiG. In it, we are going to focus on a few main features:

-Game Bundle Discounts
-Rare and Unannounced Games
-Free Game Access Codes
-Exclusive Interviews
-Giveaways and Game Discounts
-In-depth analysis
-Community Commenting

For example, we get plenty of game studios reaching out to us about new games they are releasing.  Mainly, they want us to feature their game.  With JiG, we are going to partner with these studios to access free codes as well as discounts on new/old games.  The more subs we can pull together, the bigger our influence.

This, combined with our our love of simple web-based games and community elements, we 100% believe is a winning idea for our community. And, we hope that this is just the start.

Subscribe to JiG, and let's go on this quest together. Our first mailing is scheduled for 09/19/23 and most mailings will likely occur on Tuesdays.