JiG: Episode 6

Welcome to episode 6 of JiG.  

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In Backpack Hero, you initially assume the role of Purse, an endearing mouse on a quest to find her mother within the depths of a dungeon. The narrative revolves around this quest, unfolding as you discover items and engage in conversations with your father to glean more information. While you may not immediately stumble upon an item related to her, you do encounter a substantial backpack.

This backpack has the unique feature of expanding in size as you level up during your journeys, facilitating the convenient carriage of more items. Furthermore, you can actively utilize the contents of your backpack. Some items exhibit passive effects, such as boots providing armor for each row above them, while others possess active effects, like potions causing damage to everyone or weapons firing ammunition to their right.

The significance of location becomes apparent in this enchanted backpack, as many items have specific placement requirements or dependencies. Survival in the run necessitates rearranging items and occasionally forgoing some, yet returning items to your hometown is equally crucial for upgrades.

Town upgrades enable you to research new items, including keys to access new dungeons, forming the meta-progression of each run. While the fusion of dungeon-crawling and town management has been explored in games like Moonlighter, Backpack Hero distinguishes itself by elevating inventory management into a core mechanic, transforming a traditionally mundane aspect into an engaging experience.

Bottom Line

In addition to these dynamics, a variety of missions await you, unlocking new item sets and even enabling the creation of new classes with the right items. Unlockable characters contribute to the continuous loop of exploration and discovery. The game remains consistently captivating, with surprises emerging just when you think you've exhausted all possibilities. The charming graphics and catchy music further enhance the overall enjoyment of Backpack Hero.

Game released on November 14th on all platforms. Currently (as of today) it is $19.99 on Steam.

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