JiG: Episode 5

Welcome to episode 5 of JiG.  Lots of new subscribers here, so a big welcome from us to you. And for those of you in the U.S, we hope you all have an amazing Thanksgiving and enjoy the day!

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Numerous games follow a familiar premise, making it tempting to dismiss them, but Coral Island defies expectations by injecting a sense of freshness and excitement. Despite traversing well-trodden ground in certain aspects, this farming/life simulation competes strongly with Stardew Valley, surpassing it in various aspects.

The game introduces an environmentalist perspective early on, revealing a plot involving an oil company threatening the picturesque coral reef surrounding the island. Players combat this threat by donning a diving suit, cleaning up the sea, and restoring damaged coral—an activity among many that fill the leisure time in Coral Island. While rooted in farming simulation, where players tend to expansive lands for crops and trees, the game also features a monster-filled mine to explore and numerous townspeople to meet, befriend, and potentially marry.

Coral Island stands out in the farming/life simulation genre by incorporating an environmentalist angle and a narrative rich in spirit-flavored magic. Whether farming, socializing, fishing, bug-catching, diving, mining, or foraging, players may also find themselves engrossed in quests for the mysterious Island Goddess or the forest-dwelling Chieftain.

The Bottom Line

Amidst a saturated market of similar games, Coral Island may seem, on paper, like just another entry in the genre. However, in practice, it proves to be one of the most gratifying experiences, boasting stunning visuals, a robust mission system, unparalleled player freedom, and genuinely unique concepts. It stands as a game that promises long-term engagement, and I anticipate returning to it for months to come.

Game released on November 14th on all platforms. Currently (as of today) it is $29.99 on Steam.

Give Away For Premium Subscribers: Retro Commander [Full Release November 25th

Retro Commander

Retro Commander presents itself as a post-apocalyptic real-time strategy wargame (RTS), immersing players in a world shaped by a cataclysmic event on Mother Earth. Seize control and engage in battles, whether solo against the AI or in cross-platform multiplayer confrontations with gaming comrades and friends. Collaborate with others by forming teams and clans, engaging in co-op battles against both AI opponents and fellow players to achieve ultimate victory.

Distinguishing itself from other real-time strategy games, Retro Commander prioritizes delivering an enjoyable single-player experience alongside an exhilarating multiplayer adventure. The game aims for accessibility with a user-friendly modern interface. In the single-player mode, players can partake in skirmish matches against the AI and embark on a narrative-driven campaign presented in a comic format. The multiplayer aspect spans cross-platform play and incorporates a ranking and rating system, enhancing the competitive and social dimensions of the gaming experience.

Retro Commander is available on Steam and the full version will be released on November 25th.

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Believe money holds power? Think again. The true power lies in data!

Hack.Hub stands out as an operating system, a distinctive offering in the realm of hacker tools and software. It simplifies the daily life of cybercriminals on the Pacific coast (or wherever they might be evading the American CIA).

Hack.hub is available on iOS.

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Engage in a fierce battle for survival and glory within a gore-filled arena. Accumulate wealth to acquire upgrades, but exercise caution—every dollar spent distances you from your ultimate objective: purchasing your freedom.